East of the Euroméditerranée perimeter, near the multimodal public transportation hub, the old Belle de Mai tobacco factories have been renovated. Centered around 3 buildings, this neighborhood is dedicated to the audiovisual, multimedia and digital industries, and to culture:

- A historical cluster that brings together the City Archives, the stored collections of Marseille museums, the Interregional Center for Restoration of Works of Art, and the National Audiovisual Institute.

- A media center (multimedia, audiovisual, performing arts engineering) hosts audiovisual studios, facilities for technology industries and multimedia companies, and offices for producers, publishers and broadcasters. This center also houses the National Educational and Cultural Multimedia Incubator, which was initiated by the Ministries of Education and Research and Technology. The first filming in the Belle de Mai studios revealed the site’s high technical and performance levels and was recognized by the image and sound news media. France Channel 3 Television’s “Plus Belle la Vie” soap opera is shot here. The media center, nearly complete, comprises 80 companies and 600 employees.
- A cluster for live performances, operated by the Association Wasteland Theater System, already hosts more than 300 theater and arts professionals.

Belle de Mai will accommodate more than 1,400 employees, forming one of the largest audiovisual and multimedia sites in Europe. The development of public spaces will integrate this large complex into the surrounding area.

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3 centers dedicated to the multimedia, digital technology and audiovisual industries, and to culture.

Surface area: 120,000 square meters

Media center
Developed area: 27,000 square meters (including studios)
Companies: 80
Employees: 600

Historical cluster
Developed area: 35,000 square meters

Performing Arts Center
Developed area: 25,000 square meters
Employees: 300

Opening: 2004