Improve and revitalize neighborhoods

Two of the Housing Improvement Projects (OPAH) within Euroméditerranée were started in 2001 and  were renewed in 2008 for 5 more years. The public grant allows homeowners to upgrade their homes by restoring facades, staircases and roofs. The local public spaces have also been upgraded : Hozier School courtyard, Peyssonnel and Kleber, Place Dunoyer de Segonzac, and Ruffi Square. Others under way: Halle Kleber and Strasbourg Roussel.
In addition to the steps already taken, a program to restore the most degraded buildings (ANRU file) will be launched. It aims to create more than 1,385 public housing units (568 of them new) to replace buildings identified as unsafe; to renovate local buildings such as schools, social centers and sports facilities; and to accelerate the restoration of public spaces.
Meanwhile, in agreement with residents, Euroméditerranée is undertaking the serious renovation of the most deteriorated condominiums, even in neighborhoods are that are considered outside the Urban Renewal Zone.

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