The Cité de la Méditerranée, being developed between the entrance to the Old Port and Arenc, is one of Euroméditerranée’s most ambitious projects. The waterfront redevelopment will revitalize the downtown and the port by rebuilding the connections between the two sites.

The Cité de la Méditerranée includes the transformation of nearly 3 miles of waterfront, from Fort Saint Jean to Arenc. It reopens the city s to the sea, redevelops the city’s interface with the port, and renews economic dynamism. It is also creates a new skyline for the city.
Cultural, training, scientific, recreational and service sector activities will be established, along with a new ferry terminal in front of La Major, all creating a unique ensemble that defines Marseille as a major center of cultural and economic trade between Europe and the Mediterranean.
Already, the early development of the J4 Pier at the foot of Fort St. Jean is providing public access to a superb promenade and is temporarily hosting functions and events.

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List of the operations linked to this item by themes:

ZAC area: 60 hectars

Developed area: 443,000 square meters

Shops and services: 76,000 square meters

Offices: 149,000 square meters

Housing: 2,250 units, 20 percent of them public housing

Public facilities: 47,000 square meters

Public Investment:
169,532,000 Euros (excluding tax)

Private investment:
83,422,000 Euros (excluding tax)

Timeline: 2006 to 2014