Green space is being requested by citizens whose need for nature, relaxation and tranquility is intensifying under the pressures of urban life.

Euroméditerranée, an urban green space

The concept of green space includes not only vegetation but also the offering of amenities to improve quality of life for urban dwellers, such as non-polluting transportation, sports facilities, maintainance of clean neighborhoods, and providing for public safety.

A "sense of greenery” is created by both public green spaces and private gardens. Read more

Public spaces

The quality of life for neighborhood residents will be significantly improved by the creation and restoration of more than 30 hectares of public space and nearby services.

Euroméditerranée wants to make sure the public spaces offer views of the sea: Esplanade de la Major, Place de la Joliette, Place de la MéditerranéeBoulevard du Littoral and the J4 esplanade... Read more

Did you know?

A 14-hectare park is planned in the Euroméditerranée extension area.