Euroméditerranée is striving to provide the residents of its neighborhoods with a pleasant living environment by providing new and renovated residential housing, services. and nearby public spaces, all developed consistent with the principles of sustainability.

Improve and revitalize neighborhoods

Creating projects in the historic districts that benefit local residents is critical to Euroméditerranée’s success. Several steps have been taken to improve living conditions in deteriorated areas… Read more

Architecture for every day: A new quality of life

As Euroméditerranée develops properties, it is making sure that even those neighborhoods that didn’t have a positive image before are made attractive for all residents… Read more

Sustainable urban improvement and development

Since its launch in 1995, Euroméditerranée has respected the principles of sustainable development to achieve a balance of social cohesion, economic growth and environment... Read more

40 hectares of green and public

spaces created or renovated

Did you know?

The Chevalier Paul Primary School will open in 2010 at La Joliette. The Jean Claude Izzo College opened in 2005 and the Desiree Clary Kindergarten, in 2006.