A joint initiative of the national government and local organizations, the Euroméditerranée initiative is charged with redeveloping and growing Marseille to such a degree that it becomes recognized as one of Europe’s major cities. This social, economic and cultural development project of national significance, launched in 1995, is creating a city that is both attractive and influential. At 480 hectares, Euroméditerranée is the largest urban renewal project in Europe.

The public institution is led by a Board of Directors representing all of the partners. It meets at least twice a year to review the organization’s business matters, and is chaired by Laure-Agnès Caradec, MP for the Bouches-du-Rhone and Mayor of the 9th and 10th Arrondissements of Marseille.

The Board of Directors approves the budget and authorizes loans and agreements with the local authorities and public institutions involved with Euroméditerranée (for example, the Port Authority). The Board reviews the books and approves short- and long-term contracts and plans.

In close collaboration with the Board and the Chairman, CEO Hugues Parant manages the daily operations of Euroméditerranée and its 50 employees. Download the EPAEM organization chart.

Euroméditerranée has five major functions::

- Strategy: To analyze and clarify the strengths of the urban conglomeration, seek businesses to draw to the area, identify priorities for development, and define action plans.

- Coordinate and guide partner actions

- Allocate operational funding

- Manage operations in collaboration with partners

- Promote the project and make sure that it’s being marketed to financial networks and institutions

Euroméditerranée’s mission