Two entrances to Marseille are benefiting from renovation programs: the Gare Saint-Charles, where rail passengers arrive, and the Porte d'Aix, where the A7 highway users arrive.

This entire area covers 16 hectares. The Gare Saint-Charles district began its metamorphosis with the arrival of the Mediterranean TGV.
It is continuing with the renovation of the area around the station and the creation of a multi-modal hub connecting rail, buses, city buses, subways and cars; the creation of Place Victor Hugo connected to the University of Provence; and the beautification of Narvik Square.
For the Porte d'Aix, the biggest change involves the setback to the A7 motorway. By removing traffic, this district is being reborn with a student residence that is soon to be followed by housing, shops, parks and public facilities.

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ZAC area: 15.2 hectares

Building area : 120,000 square meters

Offices : 10,000 square meters

Shops : 4,000 square meters

New or renovated homes : 800

Hotels : 5,000 square meters

School buildings : 1 (13 stairwells)

Parking : 500 spaces